Student Chapters

STC student chapters are located at colleges and universities, primarily in North America.

Missouri Science & Technology

The STC student chapter at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla is the only STC chapter in the Eastern half (i.e., the St. Louis side) of Missouri. Although our primary mission is to serve the needs of Missouri S&T undergraduate and graduate students in technical communication, the chapter welcomes professional technical communicators and other non-students as members.

Missouri State University

The Missouri State Student Chapter of STC serves the needs of technical communication students in Springfield, Missouri. 

New Jersey Institute of Technology

The NJIT student chapter started in 2002, first as a face-to-face society that has since become an online community to meet the changing needs of the distance learning population. 

Northern Illinois U.

STC-NIU is committed to providing students, faculty members, and technical communication professionals a forum to discuss TC tools, theory and career opportunities.

Texas Tech. U.

The purposes of our chapter are to promote interest in technical communication and to encourage the professional development of students in technical communication. We strive to help students build their professionalism and knowledge.


The Trinitite Student Chapter is dedicated to providing Technical Communication (TC) resources for New Mexico Tech (NMT) TC majors and minors, as well as the entire NMT student population.

U. of Minnesota

STC-UMN is a community of students and faculty dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication.