Ben Woelk

Director at Large

I believe that the degree of satisfaction we gain from involvement in a professional organization is directly related to the depth of our involvement. One of the most rewarding ways to serve is in leadership. I was able to make a difference in the Rochester chapter as an active leader and as the architect and team lead of the Outreach program of the Community Affairs Committee. Although it’s been challenging, it’s also been incredibly exciting and fulfilling.

I believe in a servant leadership model. My goal as a leader has been to provide opportunities and the needed support for others to serve and enable them to succeed. I also believe in the importance of planning and adapting.

Ben Woelk has worked as a technical communicator for more than 20 years. For the first 15 years, he worked as an employee of a small consulting firm offering technical communication and instructional design solutions to Fortune 1000 companies in the Rochester area. Most of Ben’s work has been in information technology and end user communications and training. Since 2004, he’s worked at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he’s developed a strategic information security awareness program, and serves as policy and awareness analyst in the Information Security Office. Ben also teaches as an adjunct instructor in cyber self-defense and effective technical communication. Ben holds two masters degrees and was ABD in history at the University of Rochester. He also holds a graduate-level advanced certificate in technical information design from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ben has served in a number of administrative roles in the Rochester chapter, including program manager, vice president and Spectrum co-chair, president, education manager, and webmaster. As Rochester president (2010–2011), he worked to improve communications with the Society Board and office and with Rochester’s current and former members. During his leadership, Rochester led all chapters of their size or greater in renewals. They successfully implemented a zero budget and began designing their programs to serve a growing regional community. In 2012–13, he initiated a mentoring program for Rochester-area students to introduce them to the fascinating field of technical communication.

As the Outreach Team lead of the Community Affairs Committee (2011–present), Ben built a program and developed a network of seasoned STC leaders that actively engages community leaders to assist them in meeting Society requirements, troubleshoot local issues, share best practices, resolve misunderstandings, and advocate for community needs.

In the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information Security Council (2010–2012), Ben served as co-chair of the awareness and training working group, where he helped lead an international team in developing best practices in security awareness and recruited many volunteers to the team.

Ben is a frequent presenter at conferences, providing commonsense training in information security best practices for the “normal” person.


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