Jane Wilson


I am excited to have the opportunity to serve STC as Treasurer. My goal is to uphold sound fiscal practices and promote clear communication around the Society’s financial practices. I am committed to advancing technical communication as a profession, and I believe a robust, vibrant STC is critical to accomplishing that goal. The Society has been through many changes in the past few years, and it has been an especially complicated time for finance and funding. I believe we are at a crucial point in our organizational history and must continue our tradition of strong and stable leadership in these areas. I am honored to be a part of that effort as we work toward shaping the future of the new STC.

Personally, I have gained a lot from STC. Particularly when I was working as a lone writer, I turned to STC for educational opportunities, support from other members, and information about the profession. I have forged strong bonds in my own chapter, and, as I have gotten more exposure to STC at the Society level, I have been repeatedly impressed with the passion and dedication shown by those who volunteer. I strongly believe that I have a responsibility to give back to the group and the profession, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Treasurer.

Jane Wilson is a knowledgeable technical communicator with over fourteen years of experience, specializing in content development and information design. She also has experience teaching composition and literature at the college level.

Jane currently works as an information architect at GE Transportation Optimization Solutions, a supplier of operational software to the rail industry. Jane leads the information products group, responsible for product documentation and training deliverables for over 40 systems across 5 product lines. The information products group has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative information deliverables. Jane focuses on promoting efficient processes and producing targeted, easy-to-use documentation that will help users get the maximum value from their software investment.

Jane has been a member of STC since 2002 and a leader in the Atlanta Chapter for many years. She was awarded the Atlanta Chapter Member of the Year for 2010 and 2012 and the Atlanta Chapter Cornerstone Award for 2009. She also belongs to the Content Strategy SIG, the Information Design & Architecture SIG, and the Management SIG.

Jane earned a BS in industrial management from Georgia Tech, an MA in English from the University of Florida, and a PhD in English from the University of Georgia.


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