STC Committees are formed to address specific issues that are important to members of the Society.

Audit Committee

Meet with external auditors and communicate findings and recommendations to the board.

BoK Task Force

To develop and implement a single knowledge source that concentrates and delivers all that is technical communication – in short, a Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBoK).

Community Affairs Committee (CAC)

Establish two-way communication and co-operation between community leaders and BOD/staff through the CAC conduit.

Conference Committee

Plan and oversee the education program for the annual STC Summit.

Education Advisory Panel

This ad hoc committee convenes as necessary to discuss “blue sky”  initiatives and strategic planning for future STC education programs and events.

Finance and Investment

Ensure that STC finances are managed in a legal and fiscally responsible manner.

Intercom (Editorial Advisory Panel)

Identify content that informs readers of trends and best practices in technical communication.

Nominating Committee

Ensure the STC annual election is conducted in a secure and ethical manner, on schedule, and with appropriate candidates.

Recognitions Committees

To encourage excellence in the practice of technical communication and in service to STC.

STC International Summit Awards Committee (Competitions)

Define standards of professional technical communication deliverables and recognize achievement against those standards.

Student Outreach Task Force

The Student Outreach Task Force will examine the variety of experiences among diverse student groups, from first-year and returning college students to college graduates and job seekers. It will also survey members of the academy to identify areas in need of development and explore ways to better integrate students members and student chapters into the Society.

TechComm (Editorial Advisory Board)

Identify areas of research that are most likely to inform best practices in the field of technical communication.