Recognitions Committees



  • Jay R. Gould (Tharon Howard)
  • Ken Rainey (Ann Blakeslee)
  • Frank R. Smith 
  • Associate Fellow (Brian Lindgren)
  • Fellow (Larry Knunz)
  • Honorary Fellow (Todd DeLuca)
  • Sigma Tau Chi/Alpha Sigma honor societies (Russel Hirst)


  • Community Recognitions 
  • Community Achievement and Pacesetter Awards (MaryKay Grueneberg)
  • Distinguished Service Community Awards (Adam Evans)

Staff Liaison

  • Elaine Gilliam

Board Liaison

  • Bernard Aschwanden


  • To encourage excellence in the practice of technical communication and in service to STC.


  • Recruit members of evaluation panels.
  • Review criteria and procedures.
  • Submit nominations to the board of directors.


Associate Fellows 

  •  Brian Lindgren (chair)
  • Lisa Cook
  • Deanne Levander
  • Bill Levitt
  • Mike Markley
  • De Murr
  • Thea Teich
  • Carolyn Watt


  • Larry Kunz (chair)
  • Phylise Banner
  • John Hedtke

Jay Gould

  • Tharon Howard (chair)
  • Saul Carliner
  • Jackie Damrau
  • Ann Jennings

Ken Rainey

  • Ann M. Blakeslee (chair)
  • Michael Albers
  • Saul Carliner
  • Nancy Coppola
  • Laurie Kantner

Frank R. Smith

  • Leah Guren (chair)
  • Ramesh Aiyyangar
  • Sally Henschel

Honorary Fellow Nominating Chair

  • Todd DeLuca (chair)
  • Bernard Aschwanden

Sigma Tau Chi/Alpha Sigma Honor Societies

  • Russel Hirst (chair)

Community Achievement Awards and Pacesetter Awards Committee

  • MaryKay Grueneberg (chair)
  • Francis Bao
  • Maryann Bowen
  • Mak Pandit
  • Jamye Sagan

Distinguished Community Service Awards

  • Adam Evans (chair)
  • Cheryl Landes
  • Roger Renteria

Criteria for Success

  • Criteria and procedures reviewed by September.
  • Nominations presented on time to the STC Board in accordance with well-defined standards upon which those nominations are based.
  • Nomination process and results publicized in such a way as to encourage similar achievements by others.
  • Honorees recognized at the Summit.