Staff Directory

The Society’s staff represents the core operational team responsible for developing, planning, and managing the entire portfolio of products and services offered by STC.

Chris Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Technical communication is an art and science that billions benefit from daily. Every time information is accessed on a device as expected and every time an explanation or instruction is clearly understood, someone is enjoying the efforts of a skilled technical communicator. It’s ironic that the higher the quality of the product, the less the user recognizes that it is right there in their hands and mind.

Stacey O'Donnell

Director of Member and Corporate Engagement

To guarantee STC longevity, we must continually review member needs. We must provide value to new members as well as more experienced members. STC will develop valuable new products and services for its membership, which will not only enhance the membership experience from year to year, but also support STC members in all phases of their careers. Through this, STC members can continually look to the Society as a stronghold for the advancement of their professional careers today and in the future.

Liz Pohland

Director of Communications; Intercom Editor

My vision for Intercom and all STC publications is that they are cutting-edge and address a wide readership, providing both a venue for essential research and practical examples/applications of technical communication in a space fostering open knowledge sharing and conversation. With one foot in industry and one in the academy, I hope to lead STC in providing clear communication within its publications and also in balancing the relationship between research and practice.

Molly Jin

Director of Meetings and Education

The Society has a long history of offering up to date and relevant lifelong learning opportunities to our members and those within the technical communication field. My goal for the education and meetings department is to build upon the foundation the Society has set by developing and offering innovative learning opportunities and establish STC as the premiere continuing education destination for the profession.

Kobla Fiagbedzi

Web & Systems Administrator

Over the last 10 years I have worked on many websites, plus marketing and database design projects in wide array of industries. The projects covered the areas of print, Web, and multimedia communications. It has given me a humbling appreciation of all that goes into the development of brand identity within an organization. My fervent desire is to help STC develop its Web properties to reach a high global standard in terms of design and usage. I am always open to new ideas and directions in Web development.

Cheryl Miller

Membership Services Manager

Membership is the heartbeat of any association. It is my role to provide assistance to the membership department so that we as a team are able to give excellent service and communicate to our members the significance and value of STC membership. Our membership department supports the mission of STC to advance the theory and practice of technical communication, a mission that benefits consumers worldwide.

Elaine Gilliam

Meeting Manager/Communities Relations

My role as meetings manager will be to create the best possible environment for the members of STC and other technical communication professionals to learn from the experts, have the opportunity to improve their skills and to spend time exchanging ideas with each other. STC is the leading professional organization for the industry and the best source for information. I look forward to assisting in making the conferences the definitive meeting place.

James Cameron

Communications Manager

As communications manager, my role is to promote the society’s mission to its members and stakeholders. With a Master’s degree in English and extensive freelance editing experience, my background is firmly rooted in writing and editing, and my hope is to effectively communicate with members on their own terms.

Lida Khodabakhshi

Finance and Accounting Manager

Lida joined the STC as an accountant in late 2012. After working for more than six years for a large manufacturing company in her native Iran, she brought her skills and knowledge to the United States. Lida handles all aspects of the accounting and finance function at the STC. Lida has BS in accounting and is eligible to sit for the U.S. Certified Public Accounting exam, which she  plans to do in the near future. In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking, and most outdoor activities.

Deborah Krat

Education Manager

As education manager, my role is to ensure the planning, development, and delivery process for a quality education program that aligns with the STC mission and the professional development of our members. My main focus is taking charge of existing programs as well as staying updated with developments that enhance the competencies and skills of members, and incorporating those current topics into new education opportunities and products such as webinar series and online courses. With a Master’s Certificate in Professional Writing and Rhetoric, I hope to fulfill STC’s mission by collaborating and incorporating new trends and hot topics in the technical communication world.