Chris Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Technical communication is an art and science that billions benefit from daily. Every time information is accessed on a device as expected and every time an explanation or instruction is clearly understood, someone is enjoying the efforts of a skilled technical communicator. It’s ironic that the higher the quality of the product, the less the user recognizes that it is right there in their hands and mind.

The Society for Technical Communication is proud to have played a key role in advancing the theory and practice of technical communication for the past 60 years. As the world becomes ever more connected and data ubiquitous, the need for technical communication skills is accelerating. I see STC playing a continuing role in advancing technical communication as a driver of basic research, as a clearinghouse for best practices, as a disseminator of information on trends, and as a hub for the international network of technical communicators. STC has a mandate to help guide and inform students who are training in technical communication and related fields. We can help them network and find jobs. STC has a role to play in the continuing education of professionals and ensuring we offer training and resources aligned with their career progression and market need. And I see STC as the appropriate organization to recognize the efforts and contributions of outstanding members and to capture their knowledge and advice for the advancement of the whole community.

It’s an exciting time. The profession is vibrant, providing a critical and growing need. The membership is smart, thoughtful, and energetic. I am looking forward to working with the Board defining our future direction, serving the members, and leading STC in its next phase of growth.

Chris Lyons is honored to be the chief executive officer of the Society. He has worked for the past 15 years as a manager and business transformation consultant assisting nonprofit, commercial, and government clients in developing strategies and improving their operations. His experience and skills span most aspects of program execution from strategic visioning and initiative scoping to project management and risk mitigation. Chris has assisted clients with issues in change management, process improvement, organizational design, Web development, outsourcing, financial analysis, and portfolio optimization.

Chris began his professional career in 1997. He worked for IBM Global Services for 14 years in several positions, including leadership of an e-business application center and management of a practice area. Prior to joining the Society, he formed The Fairhaven Group, an independent consultancy focused on assisting associations and nonprofits. He also spent nine years in the Navy as an officer and pilot.

He earned a BA in economics from the University of Maryland in 1985 and an MBA from the Sloan School of Business at MIT in 1997.