Lloyd Tucker

Director of Meetings and Education

Education is the most valuable product an organization can offer its members or employees. While STC currently offers tremendous educational opportunities, I envision the time when STC has an education and training program that is without peer in either the nonprofit or private technical communication world.

Just look at the resources available to STC: the membership represents a treasure trove of not only expertise in technical communication, but the building blocks it takes to put an education program together in the first place. Professional organizations have the expertise and knowledge, but few have the brick and mortar it takes to successfully disseminate what they know. Education takes communication.

When woven together into an integrated program, STC’s educational initiatives— whether the annual conference, regional events, certificate programs, or e-learning— are more valuable than the individual parts. Blended learning opportunities, e-learning tools such as live Web seminars, asynchronous Web sessions, podcasts, and blogs are all in our future and will help bind and integrate the program.

“To make the best better” isn’t just the motto of 4-H anymore . . . it works for STC education too.

Lloyd Tucker became the director of education for the Society in November 2006 and was promoted to deputy executive director in 2010. Prior to joining STC, he was senior director of membership and education at the Document Management Industries Association (DMIA), a trade association in the printing industry.

As director of education at DMIA, Tucker was responsible for the planning, development, and execution of DMIA’s conference education programs. In addition, he was in charge of the development, implementation, and growth of DMIA’s e-learning program. That program, Print University (www.printuniversity.org), was brought online in 2000.

In 2003, Print University received the excellence in education award for innovation in distance learning from the Electronic Document Systems Foundation. Print University continues to lead the association e-learning community in innovation.

Lloyd began his professional civilian career in 1995. Prior to that he spent twenty-two years in the United States Air Force, and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1993. As an intelligence officer, Lloyd spent a number of years in the presentation arena. A spokesperson for defense intelligence, he delivered presentations before world leaders, congresses, and foreign and U.S. military officers. He culminated his military career with the development of a worldwide intelligence network that transformed written intelligence material into a format television, "CNN" format.

He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, where he earned a BA (1969) in education and an MA (1972) in history. His hobbies include screen printing, reading, and cycling.