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Technical communicators provide a tremendous amount of value for their employers across a variety of industries each and every day. In fact, there are very few organizations that do not benefit from having at least one technical communicator onboard. Whether your company manufactures prefabricated furniture, publishes software, drills for oil or natural gas offshore, or markets pharmaceutical products, chances are you need crystal clear, easily understood supporting documentation, either in written or digital format.

Technical communicators not only create the documentation that safeguards consumers and ensures that they are able to properly and safely use the products they purchase, they also ensure that your company avoids costly lawsuits and negative press. Strong technical communicators can also save your organization money by creating documentation that streamlines operations and improves bottom-line performance.

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A User-Friendly Outdoors

Intercom, March 2008
By James Evins, Member

jamesEvinsWhat does technical writing have to do with selling hunting and fishing licenses? James Evins details his job as the testing and documentation specialist for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Documenting While on Patrol

Intercom, January 2008
By Mary Clouse, Senior Member

maryClouseWhile the jobs of Mary Clouse and the rest of the Security and Documentation Unit of the New York State Senate Technology Services department aren't as glamorous as those of the senators themselves, they ensure that the Senate can use its automated systems to conduct its daily business smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

Robots Can’t Tell Stories

Intercom, December 2006
By Ben Day, Member

benDayThe lives of millions rest in the hands of Ben Day, technical writer for iRobot Corporation. Day creates the operational manual and instructions for the iRobot PackBot, which soldiers use overseas to disable improvised explosive devises (IEDs) along roadsides. Without clear text and explanation, a soldier may not operate the PackBot correctly, resulting in many lives lost.