22 Ways

22 Things STC Does for Communities

To Learn More:

Contact Steve Skojec, STC Director of Community Relations, (steve.skojec@stc.org) at +1 (571) 366-1906) or Sophie Coy, Assistant Manager of Community Relations, (sophie.coy@stc.org) at +1 (571) 366-1916), to learn more about what STC does for communities.

Online resources:

  1. Provides communities with 501(c)(3) status, which shelters their income from federal income tax rates that can be as high as 40 percent derived from activities related to their mission.
  2. Provides a global identity as part of an international organization representing technical communicators.
  3. Includes community leaders (North America) in STC’s Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance coverage
  4. Provides communities with new model bylaws templates, policies, and international affiliation agreements to promote effective and efficient governance and community operation.
  5. Links communities in a powerful global network.
  6. Provides hands-on advice and counsel by the Community Affairs Committee (CAC).
  7. Provides 24/7 access to a series of guidelines, tips, and information for community leaders on the Community Leadership section of the website.
  8. Offers group email lists by managing third-party contracts for easy-to-use technology.
  9. Enables 24/7 access to community records for membership recruitment and retention.
  10. Provides financial support to communities with need (2010 model).
  11. Advises community leaders on facility contracts (such as hotels) for community events.
  12. Invoices and processes dues renewals and payments to chapters.
  13. Promotes the profession and communities with competitions and awards programs.
  14. Provides special discussion lists for community leaders.
  15. Features community leadership information with monthly e-newsletter.
  16. Provides advice for preparing and submitting annual IRS information returns, including Forms 990 and 990-EZ, required of all US communities with annual gross income in excess of $25,000, and Form 990-N for US communities with lesser gross income.
  17. Offers Certificates for Insurance for community events.
  18. Sends out email blasts for community leaders to community members.
  19. Extends STC’s discount on live web seminar vendor services.
  20. Fosters a spirit of community and profession by acknowledging senior members.
  21. Provides legal guidance from STC’s legal counsel.
  22. Provides publications (Intercom, Technical Communication, and News & Notes) as a regularly scheduled communications conduit to members.