Announcement of Change in STC Staff Leadership

The STC Board of Directors is announcing a change in STC staff leadership, effective 6 July 2012. CEO/Executive Director of almost six years, Kathryn Burton, will be moving on to focus her efforts on guiding the STC Certification Commission she initiated. Steven Jong, chairman of the Commission, has this to say about Kathryn: “In her dual roles with STC and the Certification Commission, Kathryn brought experience, skill, and the ability to get things moving and get things done. I'm happy that she plans to focus on the Certification Commission, and I’m confident that we will benefit from her help and advice.”

Having led the Society through a difficult time for all nonprofit organizations and through the 2008–2010 recession, Kathryn’s contributions to STC have been significant. Among the successes that Kathryn has spearheaded at STC are:

  1. Improving STC’s internal and external processes, including improved financial controls, new accounting and association management software, a new website with an embedded social media network, and a robust social media presence.
  2. Overseeing a new editorial direction for the Technical Communication journal, hiring an internationally recognized editor, and establishing an improved online presence, ensuring the journal’s premier status in the field.
  3. Contributing to the professionalization of technical communication by developing a certification program that follows American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.
  4. Initiating a major public policy effort to gain U.S. and EU governmental and employer recognition for technical writing and technical communication, including successfully influencing the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to separate Technical Writers from other writers in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  5. Increasing the number of educational member services, including a vibrant live Web seminar series and virtual conference, generating significant non-dues revenue in the past year, and developing one of the few profitable association online education programs.
  6. Cutting over $1.8 million from the annual budget through competitive bidding, enhanced technology, and streamlined systems.

Kathryn has served STC with talent and energy for the past six years, and even this short list of her accomplishments speaks for itself. Those who have worked closely with her know the dedication she has brought to STC’s mission of advancing the profession of technical communication.

Past STC Presidents who have worked with Kathryn praised her contributions to the Society. STC Immediate Past President Hillary Hart said that “Kathryn has been a visionary Executive Director for STC. She brought greater professionalism to the field and developed STC into a nonprofit leader in elearning. She leaves STC a stronger and more technologically savvy organization than when she arrived. Linda Oestreich said of Kathryn’s leadership, “Working with a strong and capable staff and a dedicated and supportive Board of Directors, Kathryn has made huge strides in bringing the Society, the profession it supports, and the members it serves into a place of honor and respect around the world.” And Paula Berger reports that Kathryn taught her “an enormous amount about running an association and about being patient and keeping focused. She has been a wonderful mentor for me and I admire her greatly.”

Kathryn leaves big shoes to fill. A search committee is being formed to find a new CEO for STC. In the interim, STC will be led by co-Deputy Directors Lloyd Tucker and Greg Larsen, who are prepared to take on the day-to-day management of the Society and move it forward into the future.

As the Society enters its 60th year, we look forward to the opportunities that change will bring, and we are committed to exploring new and innovative ways of serving the profession.

2012–2013 STC Board of Directors