Application Process

Thank you for your interest in certification! This page contains the application package and explains what you need to do.

Application Package

This is the application package for certification. The package comprises five pieces:

The application form
The candidate instructions
The STC Certification Commission Code of Conduct
An editing exercise, part of Section 7 of the candidate application packet, in DOCX format
The same editing exercise in RTF format

Complete and return the application form along with the application fee (see below). Signing and returning the form also means that you have read and agree to aide by the Code of Conduct. Note: We are setting up the website, but for now please return your completed form to Steve Jong

Following the candidate instructions, complete the application packet. We anticipate that it will take you some time to complete the packet; you might, for example, choose to take a course to brush up on some area in which you might not feel adequately prepared. By returning the application form, you lock in the evaluation fee at the current rate.

Once you complete the application packet (including the editing exercise in either DOCX or RTF format), return your packet along with the evaluation fee (see below). We require the packet in electronic form; you can return your completed packet to via email.


To make certification a "pay as you go" system, we have split the costs into three separate components: (1) a one-time application fee, (2) a one-time evaluation fee, and (3) an annual maintenance fee. Fees are not refundable. Note: We will let you know when we have set up an account to accept credit-card payments, but until then please send a check payable to "STC Certification Commission" to the following address:

STC Certification Commission
9401 Lee Highway, Suite 300
Fairfax, VA 22031

(1) Application Fee: As a charter applicant, the cost for application is $99, payable when you return the application form. This fee holds your application open in our system for up to one year; that is, once you have submitted your application form and we have received payment, you have one full year to complete the application packet.

(If after one year you have not completed your application packet, your application expires, and you must pay the application fee again. If you send another application fee before the year expires, we will hold your application open for another year.)

(2) Evaluation Fee: As a charter applicant, the cost for evaluation is $495, payable when you submit your completed application packet. Once you have submitted your complete packet and we have received payment, we will schedule an evaluation of your packet. You should expect to hear the results of that evaluation within 60 days.

(If as the result of evaluation you are not granted certification, you will receive feedback on how you can improve your application packet, and you may submit another one along with the evaluation fee. You do not have to pay another application fee.)

(3) Maintenance Fee: If you are granted certification, there will be an annual maintenance fee of $49. As long as you continue to pay this annual fee, your certification will be good for three years. If you fulfill the requirements for maintaining your certification (which we will communicate to you later this year), after three years you may apply for recertification. There is no fee for recertification beyond the annual maintenance fee.

(If you choose not to continue paying the annual fee, you will still be considered certified for up to three years; however, we will list your certification as inactive.)

Becoming an Evaluator

Certified Technical Communicators are eligible to become evaluators themselves. Evaluators will be compensated, and we will provide training. If you are granted certification and you are interested in becoming an evaluator, let's talk!


If you have any questions, please contact Steve. Thanks again, and good luck!