Algonquin College

This Ontario College Graduate Certificate program prepares students from a wide variety of diploma and degree programs for careers in the field of technical communication.

Arizona State University

Arizona State offers several options for studying Technical Communication, including a BS and an MS. In the BS program, students learn how to design, produce, and manage information using traditional and developing technologies. Students can complete the BS in one of two ways: via face-to-face and online courses offered through the Polytechnic campus, or fully online through ASUOnline. The MS curriculum balances theory and practice to ensure students develop the analytical abilities, technology expertise, and hands-on skills necessary for success as a technical communicator. The program prepares students for technical communication positions in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors and will offer professionals the opportunity to further advance their careers. The MS is offered through the Polytechnic campus via face-to-face and online courses.


Auburn University

For current employees in business or industry, the Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication can lead to an increase in job responsibilities and salary.

Boise State University

The BA in English, Technical Communication Emphasis consists of six required courses in technical communication, as well as other required courses in economics, computer science, management, communications, and linguistics. Students also serve as interns at one of the many high-tech companies in the Treasure Valley. Boise State University also offers a Masters of Art Program and both Undergraduate and Graduate Certification programs.

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University offers a few options in technical communication:

 - Graduate Certificate in International Scientific and Technical Communication. The classes for this are all offered online.

 - The second option is an Undergraduate Minor in Scientific and Technical Communication. This would be in conjuction with your major field of study.

- The third option is Master of Arts in Professional Communication and Rhetoric. This is a fully online program.

Illinois Institute of Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Professional Technical Communication (BS-PTC) encourages program in encourages a blend of theory and workplace-oriented practice, and encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial approach to their academic efforts in which they actively participate in the development of an individual plan of study.

Minnesota State University - Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s technical communication program is a well-established program with a strong STC student chapter that serves resident students as well as 100% online learners from across the country—indeed, from around the world.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

The department offers undergraduate (major and minor) and graduate degree programs in technical communication. Technical communication students, upon completion of their degrees, can have interesting and lucrative careers in almost any industry.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Professional and Technical Communication at New Jersey Institute of Technology

MS·PTC is an innovative program of graduate study with completely online seminars for the working professional available in an anytime-anyplace format. Students acquire an understanding of professional communication issues, information technologies, and social media while developing a comprehensive ePortfolio that demonstrates their professional skills.

New Mexico Tech - Graduate Certificate in Scientific and Professional Writing

If you want more information, please contact the Department Chair and professors from the Technical Communication program.

Southern Polytechnic State University

Your strengths and interests lie in writing, design, media arts. In communicating information and ideas. And you want to leverage those strengths into a practical skill set that will lead to or expand a fulfilling, enduring career. The English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) is the right place for you! We offer three undergraduate degree programs: BA in New Media Arts, BA in English & Professional Communication, and BS in Technical Communication. We also offer numerous online graduate programs: MSc in Information Design & Communication; MSc in Information & Instructional Design; Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication; and Advanced Graduate Certificates in Visual Communication, Content Strategy, Instructional Design, Communications Management, and User Experience. Learn to create meaning, inspire change, and deliver value. Explore the possibilities at SPSU today!

University of Minnesota

Since 1977 the University of Minnesota has offered a master’s degree in technical communication. Ours is one of the oldest and most highly respected programs of its kind in the country.

University of Washington

Students learn to design, write, edit, and evaluate technical and scientific materials. Students also learn about technical discourse, human-computer interaction, hypermedia and multimedia, publications management, and online support systems. Graduates apply their knowledge to create and enhance communication in scientific and technical environments.

YEDA Center for Technical Communications

YEDA's Technical Communication course is based on the idea that effective training can only be acquired through a combination of lecture, student exercises, and extensive instructor feedback on those exercises.