Lebanon Valley College

Digital Communications is a creative, interdisciplinary program that teaches how to design and develop innovative media solutions to business and communication problems, such as designing and developing a web page for a client who needs to communicate with customers, developing an advertising campaign, creating a branded identity, or developing an e-business plan. Students explore the fundamental elements of communication, business, design, and computer science and learn how to use the right media to solve communications problems.

Digital communications provides you with an interdisciplinary and integrative education in a close-knit, personal environment. The curriculum teaches how to:

  • develop effective graphic design and layout skills;
  • design multimedia and web projects;
  • design, develop, and manage large projects;
  • design, build, and test projects that communicate focused messages using the best media for the situation;
  • effectively solve problems using a variety of media;
  • work in groups and apply project management skills to solve problems collaboratively; and,
  • identify and prepare for a future career.

The department emphasizes communication, creativity, practical, hands-on skills, and professional development. The core of the curriculum is designed to give students breadth of knowledge and is composed of classes in following six course sequences:

  • Theory and Research
  • Design
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Programming/Authoring
  • Professional
Students gain depth through taking advanced courses in a concentration (designbusinesscommunications, or computer science). The flexibility of the concentration allows students to tailor the upper-division courses they take to their professional or personal interests .

The core curriculum, together with the courses in your concentration, will expose you to the principles of emerging digital technologies and how they apply to the creation, storage, analysis, processing, and delivery of information.


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