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The Field
Do you have an easy time understanding technology and explaining it to others? Do you like math, science and have a knack for writing or gift for gab?

The field of technical communication is a logical extension of the rapid growth in technology. As a technical communicator, you'll help users, often consumers, understand and use technology and products. You'll work closely with engineers and other technical staff and use your expertise to inform or train others about the product's use. You'll assist both customers and coworkers in understanding technology.

Communication tools you'll develop include service manuals, reports, in-house publications and audiovisual, multimedia materials, e-business and the mass media.

Along with engineers, you'll share in the challenges and responsibilities of moving a product from its development stages to the hands of the customer.

For additional information on what technical communication is, visit the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Homepage.

The Program

Since you'll creatively express ideas and accomplishments, you need an aptitude and education in both the humanities and the sciences and you'll need to relate to many people on many levels.

The degree in technical communication at MSOE is designed to provide you with:

  • a core liberal arts education in humanities and social sciences
  • courses in the major area which will allow students to design and produce both
  • written documents and oral presentations for business, industry and institutions
  • literacy in basic engineering, mathematics, physical science, computers and business

At MSOE you have two degree options:

  • MSOE's Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication (TC) lets you focus on a foreign language rather than technical electives. With the B.A. option, you take 15 credits of a foreign language.
  • MSOE's Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication (TC) lets you focus on technical electives rather than a foreign language. With the B.S. option, you take 15 credits of technical electives.

MSOE offers a minor, a 2+2 transfer option, and a certificate in technical communication. Learn even more by reading the TC program goals.



MSOE Advantage
Professors bring their years of real-life, working experience into the classroom - to show you how to do what they do. And you will never be taught by a teaching assistant. We deliver small classes taught by faculty with business experience.

The same learn-by-doing approach you find in the engineering fields, you'll also find in your classroom and high-tech labs.

That experience will be handy during your internship to put what you've learned to use for a company - before you even graduate.

The Results
Because the scope of the degree offers you so many job opportunities is why our career placement rate for the past five years averages 92%. Begin your fulfilling career with engineering firms, government, health field services, banking and other financial institutions, insurance companies, public relations firms and mass media (television or radio).

Recent graduates enjoyed an average starting salary of $42,800 at great companies like:

  • Boeing Co.
  • MGIC
  • Netconcepts LLC
  • Tomo Therapy Inc.
  • Bucyrus International
  • Epic Systems Corp.

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