North Dakota State University

The mission of the English Department at North Dakota State University is to inspire an appreciation for the English language and its literatures, and to cultivate its effective use in creative expression and day-to-day life. We offer three minors, a BA and BS degree in English, a BA and BS in English Education (in cooperation with the School of Education) an MA in English and a Ph.D. in English: Practical Writing. Please explore this web site to get more information about these degrees.


Majors, minors, and students looking for a great General Education or elective course have an opportunities to explore such subjects as British, American, and World literature; rhetoric, composition, literacy acquisition; English Education; professional writing; creative writing; and linguistics.


  • Rooted in the liberal arts and humanities, the study of literature fosters creative and critical abilities, promotes multiculturalism and tolerance in a globalized world, and fosters understanding of cultural, historical, ethical, aesthetic, and linguistic forces that shape our lives
  • Effective writing makes social and professional engagement possible. The study of rhetoric, composition, literacy, and professional writing enhances facilities in writing, communication, and technology much valued by local communities, industry, and organizations.
  • Creative writing merges an interest in literary studies with the art of writing, providing a hands-on experience of literature, encouraging students to create literary texts in a variety of media and genres, and emphasizing the power of the individual to respond to human experience in a changing world.
  • The study of linguistics cultivates an appreciation for the English language, its history, conventions, structures, and uses.


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