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The Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) major at YSU is devoted to helping students develop their ability to produce useful documents for a variety of purposes.

Professional writers and editors work in the publishing industry, in government, in the media, in technical and scientific professions, in businesses and agencies, and in the arts. Our graduates have gone on to work in these fields and others.

What are the PWE program's principles?

  1. Professional writers and editors solve problems. Writing, editing, and designing good documents require good problem-solving skills.
  2. Professional writing and editing are forms of rhetoric, a tradition going back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
  3. Professional writers and editors have to keep up with changes in the workplace, in other human organizations, and especially in technology.
  4. Professional writing and editing can be rewarding both intellectually and financially.

Learning Outcomes

The English Department has established the following learning outcomes for students completing the professional writing and editing major:

  • PWE majors will define, state, and achieve a specific purpose and target audience, recognizing and adjusting for budgetary and timeline constraints.
  • PWE majors will create and implement appropriate formats and designs for specific audiences and purposes.
  • PWE majors will use a problem-solving approach and a variety of resources to investigate a problem, acquire and assess information, and organize it effectively.
  • PWE majors will design documents professionally, using appropriate technological resources, software and hardware, as well as appropriate elements of design.
  • PWE majors will evaluate others’ writing, accept and implement the recommendations of others in revision and editing. They will edit appropriately, using conventional grammar, spelling, and diction, and they will apply the appropriate style guide.


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