Creating a Personal/Corporate Brand

Presented by Matt Sullivan


Not everyone looks favorably on social media. Objections to social media usually fall into two categories:

  • I don't care what you had for lunch
  • I don't have time to tell the world what I had for lunch

And if that's what you think, then you're absolutely right. There is, however, a different way to approach Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (the big three). By establishing a solid social media plan, with a well-crafted social media ID and brand, you can make social media work for you.

Join Matt Sullivan for this six-session course, Creating A Personal/Corporate Brand (or How to Succeed in Social Media without Giving Up Your Full-Time Job), to learn how to let social media increase your free time and connections with others, rather than the inverse. You will learn:

  • what makes up a successful social media ID
  • how to protect your brand with free or inexpensive tools
  • how to create a plan for engaging with your network
  • how to filter the flood of information that will eventually come your way

Session Descriptions

Session 1

Evaluating your social media needs and key networks to target.

  • What defines successful engagement?
  • Where are your customers engaging?
  • What is content, and what is the most effective use of your effort?

Session 2

Creating and protecting your brand.

  • How can you create and promote supporting content?
  • Creating and protecting your online identity
    • Website domains
    • Continuity across different channels
    • Intuitive social media ID
  • Establishing authority in your "space"
    • What are client needs, and what content can you provide
  • Encourage interaction with your brand

Session 3

Creating brand content and re-use.

  • Focus on interactions that promote your brand. Possibilities include:
    • Blogs
    • Webinars
    • eBooks
    • Video
  • Create, promote, and interact strategically
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn groups
    • Email lists

Session 4

Setting up filters for producing and consuming social media content.

  • Choosing an aggregator
  • Creating a social media scheduling calendar
  • Scheduling future posts
  • Creating regularly scheduled posts

Session 5

Metrics and analytics of your effort.

  • A discussion of available metrics
  • View historical data of interactions

Session 6

Analysis of progress and blueprint for moving forward.

  • Review of successes, shortcomings
  • Create a revised plan going forward
  • Set a timetable for putting the revised plan into effect

Presenter Biography

Matt Sullivan is listed annually on the MindTouch Top 100 Influencers in #techcomm list. He has been teaching for over 15 years, and providing eLearning and eLearning development since 2006. He holds current certifications and regularly teaches all Adobe products related to technical communication and elearning.  He regularly delivers or moderates webinars on topics related to elearning, technical communication, and social media. Along with video and social media, Matt helps technical writing groups with workflow analysis and template design work in both structured and unstructured environments.