Visualizing Documents With Scalable Vector Graphics

David Gardiner


The increasing need to produce online documentation and meet users’ needs with visual user interfaces is being met by a timely convergence of Web technologies. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is part of HTML5 and has considerable potential for producing hyperlinked infographics for online help. This webinar shows how SVG can be the basis for new document interfaces that integrate with topic-based help and improve the user experience. Documentation can be restructured for a visual-first interface to quickly familiarize users with concepts and procedures, and “quick link” to reference information. Learn how SVG as an enabling technology can be the basis for embedded video, translation/localization, and Web app documents.

Presenter Biography

David Gardiner is the owner of Xmplar, a document authoring and publishing support consultancy. He has over nine years’ experience in technical and scientific document editing and redrawing, and is studying the tekom first-level certificate in technical communication. Dave specializes in developing XML publishing workflows and has developed open-source stylesheets. He has also delivered industry workshops and presented at national conferences in publishing and technical communication.