A Primer on Findability

Cheryl Landes, originally presented 14 November 2013

With the changes in technology, finding information isn’t just about search and perusing an index anymore. Interface navigation and navigational cues, such as button design and icons, also affect the ease of which users can find information. This presentation covers the challenges and ways technical communicators can ease the pain.


And the Survey Says: What Consumers Think About Our Instructions (And It’s Not Good!)

Sharon Burton, originally presented 12 February 2013

In the world of product development and marketing, we have a myth that “no one reads the product instructions.” Recent survey results suggest this myth is not truethat people are counting on clear and helpful user instructions to use the products they purchase. This webinar discusses the survey and what it means for content developers, product managers, product managers, and more. You will learn how important product instructions are to consumers.


A Tech Writer Goes Fluffy: How To Transition from Tech Comm to MarComm Writing

Joe Staples, originally presented 9 October 2012

What is a technical communicator to do when called upon to write marketing material (also called marketing communication, or marcomm)? Excel, of course, using tips you’ll learn in this webinar to help you apply your existing tech comm skills to new marcomm tasks.