A Script Theory Approach to Usability and Design

Kirk St.Amant, East Carolina University, University of Limerick, originally presented 20 April 2016

Understanding user expectations is no easy task. It requires technical communicators to identify a range of factors that can affect use – and related design practices – in different settings. But where to begin? What to focus on? This session examines how an application of script theory, from cognitive psychology, can help answer such questions. In doing so, the session introduces attendees to approaches that can improve design for and enhance usability in a range of contexts – both local and international.


Agile Documentation: Five Lessons Technical Communicators should learn from Agile Development

George Lewis, Managing Director, Doc-Department, originally presented 20 January 2016

In this webinar George will share lessons doc-department have learned from working in a variety of agile (and quasi-agile) development environments, and how these can be applied to standard documentation projects to deliver better quality content, faster.

The content creation process is very similar to the software development process. By learning from agile processes, technical communications can dispel old myths and produce an agile documentation processes that delivers quality documentation, consistently and is relevant for the an organization.


API Webinar Series Recordings Bundle

STC.org, originally presented February-March 2015

4-Part API Webinar Series Recordings in a Bundle! 

STC is offering its most popular 2015 API recorded webinar series, bundled together! Learn more about API technical writing, documenting Java and C++ APIS, helping the code tell the story: how to present effective code samples, and rest API overview and documentation best practices. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!


An Introduction to HTML5

Elizabeth Fraley, CEO, Single-Sourcing Solutions, originally presented 2 September 2015

HTML5 and its supporting technologies, CSS and JavaScript, change how user interfaces are built. We’re not going to make you an expert in 30 minutes, but we’ll take a look at how the three technologies fit together and take a look at what the current elements are, document structure, semantics, and support in modern browsers.


A Primer on Findability

Cheryl Landes, Owner, Tabby Cat Communications, originally presented 6 May 2015

As user documents have moved from print to digital formats, and from static to dynamic content, our thinking about findability has struggled to keep up. The older tools of findability—index, table of contents, logical organization, good typography, and good page design—still have important roles to play. But are there new tools and techniques that can help us do a better job? In this webinar, Cheryl Landes will talk about new and revised approaches to navigation, indexing, and searching that will help us help our end users. These techniques apply to a wide variety of document types and platforms and work successfully despite varying interface limitations.


An Introvert's Journey to Leadership

Ben Woelk, Rochester Institute of Technology, originally presented 21 January 2015

Many of us would agree that Western society lauds extroverted leaders and their accomplishments. However, introverts have made great contributions as well and can be effective leaders in their own right. Have you wondered how to empower yourself and leverage your innate skills to become a leader? Join Ben Woelk as he shares his personal insights and path to leadership with you.


A New Approach to Resume Writing to Beat HR Robots

Pamela Paterson, Bestselling Author, "Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search", originally presented 19 November 2014

Do you know how to beat the HR robot and get your resume noticed by a human being? If you apply for jobs online, you need to know how to beat Applicant Tracking Systems with an online resume and effective personal branding. In this highly informative webinar with bestselling author Pamela Paterson, you will learn how to get your resume in top shape so that it stands out amongst the crowd.


A Primer on Findability

Cheryl Landes, originally presented 14 November 2013

With the changes in technology, finding information isn’t just about search and perusing an index anymore. Interface navigation and navigational cues, such as button design and icons, also affect the ease of which users can find information. This presentation covers the challenges and ways technical communicators can ease the pain.


And the Survey Says: What Consumers Think About Our Instructions (And It’s Not Good!)

Sharon Burton, originally presented 12 February 2013

In the world of product development and marketing, we have a myth that “no one reads the product instructions.” Recent survey results suggest this myth is not truethat people are counting on clear and helpful user instructions to use the products they purchase. This webinar discusses the survey and what it means for content developers, product managers, product managers, and more. You will learn how important product instructions are to consumers.