Conference Room Prototyping: A User-Centered Way to Choose CCMS

Rachel Johnston, Consultant, Mekon Ltd., originally presented 15 June 2016

What is the most important factor in buying an authoring or content management solution? A long list of features? Price? Vendor reputation? These are all important, but without understanding and buy-in from your team, you may not get the most out of your chosen solution. Mekon have helped dozens of companies choose tools that are right for them and in this presentation you will learn why prototyping a solution with your team can reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your chosen toolset.


Creating Content that Supports Decision Making

Michael Albers, English Professor, East Carolina University, originally presented 30 March 2016

Your report contained everything important, but yet the readers seemed to misinterpret half of it and then came to a decision that didn't match the one you supported. Sound familiar? The problem probably isn't the the quality of your writing, but that the structure doesn't match the person's decision making strategy. How people use information to make decisions often seems in conflict with how they think they use information to make decisions. This webinar looks at how people make decisions and considers how to write documents that support decision making.


Content Strategy: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Denise Kadilak, Information Architect/Team Manager, Blackbaud, Inc., originally presented 21 October 2015

Effectively and efficiently managing your content has never been an easy job, but with the recent evolutions in the technical communication field, managing content has gotten even more complex. This presentation addresses the new complexities and offers some suggestions on dealing with them.


Creating Illustrations from Scratch

Tricia Spayer, Technical Writer/Illustrator, Pressco Technology Inc., originally presented 29 July 2015

Wondering where to begin creating graphics for your technical documentation? How do you illustrate an abstract or nebulous idea, or perhaps a new icon? As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words. If you can show your audience a simple picture rather than paragraphs to explain a topic, your audience will appreciate all the time you save them.

Attend this webinar to spark your creativity.


Creating Tech eBooks

Toni Ressaire, Publisher, Route 11 Publications, originally presented 18 February 2015

Your users are buying tablets and e-readers, and they are reading electronic documents easily on portable devices with reading apps, on computers or e-readers. A January 2014 Pew study reported that over 50 percent of Americans have a tablet or reading device and that 32 percent have a dedicated reading device. Whether you want to leverage this document format for users, clients, or to write your own tech book, this webinar will introduce you to the tools and processes for creating ebooks for reading on portable devices.


Close the Chasm Between the Expert and the Novice for the Good of All

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 17 September 2014

The webinar explores how breakdowns in communication between the expert and the novice interfere with achieving positive outcomes in all areas of human endeavor and provides advice on ways that technical communicators—and others—can close the chasm for the good of all.Have you ever wondered why so much goes awry in communications and interactions between the expert and the novice? In this webinar, Close the Expert-Novice Chasm for the Good of All, Judith Shenouda will share what she has learned about the expert-novice chasm and how it affects decision-making and problem-solving to the detriment of positive outcomes.


Contract Work: Mindset, Market, & Money

Bonnie J. Davis, originally presented 22 October 2013

The market is good. The money is good. Are you good for contract work? If you value benefits such as autonomy, flexibility, and entrepreneurial expression, contract work may be just what you need. This webinar gives you the lowdown on contract work from an award-winning technical communicator, Bonnie Davis, who has worked as a contractor for more than 20 years. Bonnie will discuss core considerations for contract work—the contractor’s mindset, the market for the services offered, and the money that contractors can earn.


Customer Journey Maps: Visualizing an Engaging Customer Experience

Donn DeBoard, originally presented 21 August 2013

Customer Journey Maps visually illustrate your customer’s experience using your product. We’ll define customer journey maps, their components, and how to create them. We’ll discuss the benefits of customer journey maps and how we can measure success. Finally, you’ll create a customer journey map for a real-world situation.


Content Management Using Open Source Tool, Alfresco

Bindu Nayar and Bhavana Mohanraj, originally presented 14 May 2013

Through this webinar the presenters will introduce Alfresco, which is an open-source content management system, and see how it simplifies some of the content management issues that technical communicators face.


Content without Borders

Ray Gallon, originally presented 26 March 2013

Technical communicators often need to break through silos in our organizations. But we also have our own silos, when it comes to contentfor example, most of us think what we do has nothing to do with marketing. But even without our necessarily thinking about it, the boundaries between different kinds of content, different "information types," and different content life cycles is becoming completely permeable.


Career Success in 12 Easy Steps—Build on Your Successes

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 6 March 2013

Build on Your Successes (the second webinar in the Career Success series) continues the process of living your world-of-work dream by helping you remember and own your past successes, both at work and in other areas of your life. The intent is for you to use your past successes to build your feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. We will explore lessons learned from your past successes to imagine the new successes awaiting you. After all, having a successful worklife is possible—not just for others but for you. By building on earlier successes, your new career dreams can take shape and take hold.


Career Success in 12 Easy Steps—Wake Up to Your Dreams

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 30 January 2013

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps—Wake Up to Your Dreams is the first of a 12-step series on your career success. Throughout this series you will meet new friends—Darren Dreamer, Mark Mystified, Danny Discovery, Betsy Benevolent, Rose Repertoire, Stacey Success, and others—whose career success can inspire you as you evolve and transition to the next phase of your worklife. Like them, you will create a success story that others can emulate. Based on the presenter’s book, Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal, each webinar in the series can serve as your friend, your confidante, and your guide. In each interactive workshop, you will take time to think, explore, doodle, draw, dream, and act. In time, you will be on your way to achieving career success, in whatever way you choose to define it.