Copyright & the Internet: Free for the Taking?

Therese Harris, originally presented 21 March 2012

“If it’s on the Internet, it’s there to use.” We’ve heard this so often that it must be true, right? Unfortunately, copyright is complicated—and made worse by the ease of digital copying of materials that are online. Learn the basics of copyright, fair use, and creative commons licenses to protect yourself, your employer, and your publications.


Content Management with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Nicky Bleiel, originally presented 22 February 2012

Managing your content ensures efficiency and accuracy in your documentation, and consistency across the enterprise. SharePoint is a popular content management system (with an estimated 100 million users), so chances are good your company is using it. This session will explain the content management features in SharePoint 2010 from the perspective of technical communicators and will include a demonstration of these features in a documentation workflow.