FREE STC Member-Only Webinar: Discover Liberty Mutual Features

Trevor Waling, originally presented 1 October 2014

This webinar is available only to STC members.

Join Trevor Waling as he discusses all the features of STC's newest benefit company, Liberty Mutual Insurance and how it can benefit you and your business. You'll come away with a complete understanding of how the program works and little known insurance facts. There will also be time for Q&A following the presentation, so bring your questions and discover all there is to know about Liberty Mutual Insurance.



From Comprehensiveness to Clarity: Moving to Targeted Documentation

Alyssa Fox, originally presented 21 November 2013

For most product manufacturers, delivering adequate documentation is a constant challenge. The increasing complexity of products and the stricter regulations for product documentation often lead to extensive documentation sets with 500+ pages manuals online or in print. The question is: how effective is all this documentation? This presentation gives an overview of what targeted documentation is, how to create or convert to targeted documentation libraries, and how it can help improve the overall user experience and reduce costs.



Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, originally presented 31 January 2013

Being a freelancer takes more than strong skills as a tech writer or editor. Find out what it takes to launch and manage a successful tech comm business as a one-person shop or solopreneur—the personality needed to succeed as a freelancer, ways to find clients and projects, getting paid, important business decisions, resources to help you manage your freelance life effectively, and more from long-time freelance writer/editor Ruth E. Thaler-Carter.