Mentoring and Growing Junior Writers

Betsy Kent, originally presented 25 September 2014

Does your organization have a formal mentoring program? Have you been asked to train writers who are new to the profession or a specific industry? With the right attitude and approach, you can help newcomers grow into solid, skilled practitioners who are a credit to the profession.


Make This Your Year to Work Smart and Live Well

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 11 December 2013

When the Great Recession hit several years ago, the presenter had the gift of time to think about ways to transition from a schedule filled with writing and editing publications, managing projects, and keeping a business humming along to a calendar that also included speaking gigs. To help make this transition, she mapped out a process that became a book and continues to fuel new ideas. From this reservoir, she identified 12 steps you can follow—one step each month—to transition from where you are to where you want to be. Get ready now to make this year your year!


Make Your Documentation Thrive in Agile Development

Jenna Moore, originally presented 9 October 2013

As software development teams move to an agile way of working, documentation is sometimes left behind. This webinar can help new technical communicators set up their documentation projects for agile success.


Modeling Information Experiences: A Recipe for Consistent Information Architecture

Alyson Riley and Andrea Ames, originally presented 3 October 2013

Need to deliver a consistent information experience across a broad set of content, products, audiences, or business requirements? Learn how user-centered experience modeling can help you deliver world-class information architecture. Abstract models yield scalable, concrete information architectures that stand the test of time. Join Riley and Ames as they explore examples from IBM's work with abstract models and discover methods for using experience models at the team and enterprise level.


Managing Your Documentation Projects with SharePoint

David Dick, originally presented 10 April 2013

Have you ever asked, “I am a team of one, what can I do to more productive and efficient?” Even as a team of one, there’s a lot you can do with SharePoint to be more productive and efficient. That’s right, SharePointand you thought it was only a documentation repository. SharePoint can help you track tasks and due dates, track the assignment of documents for peer review, and track approvals, to name just a few things. This webinar assumes you have fundamental knowledge of SharePoint and a curiosity to make better use of it.