Writing Across Genres: The Formulas and Technicalities of Writing Outside the Box

Lynn Nickels, originally presented 9 April 2013

Learn how to use the Concept Chunking Super Template (CCST) to write across genres and write outside the box you’ve been writing in. This tool will show you how to see the commonalities between different styles of writing, allowing you to have the confidence to write outside your comfort zone!


What’s a MOOC? Exploring the Possibilities of Massive Open Online Learning

Phylise Banner, originally presented 13 December 2012

Free to watch!

This webinar will explore the design, development, and delivery approaches of a variety of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), while highlighting the instructional theory, design, and technology approaches behind these large-scale learning initiatives.


Wireframing 101: From Ideas to Communication

Joe Sokohl, originally presented 3 October 2012

Get a look at the design processes that go into creating wireframes. From static content in detailed wireframes with annotations to functional prototypes, these approaches convey meaning to stakeholders. Learn what wireframes can and can't do, to help you decide on approaches. We'll also look at what the future of wireframing might be. Get started on the basics of wireframing and go from there.


What Should Technical Communicators Do When Products "Just Work"?

Ellis Pratt, originally presented 10 July 2012

One of the challenges technical communicators face is the sometimes-held belief that “no one reads the manual,” and that the technical documentation budget would be better spent on improving the usability of product itself. What is the future for technical communicators when many organizations believe products are getting easier and they don’t need to spend so much on user documentation?