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FREE STC Chapter/ SIG Member-Only Webinar: Communicating through Numbers: A Comprehensive Approach

Bernard Aschwanden, President, Publishing Smarter, originally presented 10 March 2016

This webinar is available only to STC members.

We're great with words. We have to be. We're communicators. However, not everyone comprehends information by reading words. There are people who love numbers. They should; there is a lot of value in numbers. The tricky part can be figuring out the numbers, and then presenting them. Learn how, with clear examples you can apply to your day-to-day tasks.


What we can learn from and within the Open Documentation World: Take a peek into the GNOME Docs!

Radina Matic, Accessibility, University of Barcelona & Shaun McCance, Community Documentation Liaison, Red Hat, originally presented 9 March 2016

What the heck is a Hackfest? And the DocSprint?

I am a TechComm student, what can I learn with open source platforms like GNOME?

Welcome to the real-life way of learning topic based authoring, Git, XML, and how to work in distributed teams with online tools, all while collaborating in making technology free and open to everyone.


Honing Your Workplace Negotiation Skills

Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Principal, Comgenesis & Jack Molisani, President, ProSpring, originally presented 2 March 2016

Negotiations can be challenging for even the most experienced Technical Communicators. In reality though, we negotiate every day in myriad ways, from deciding where to eat or what movie to see to navigating our relationship with our partners. In this webinar, we explore how to focus on collaborative problem-solving in our workplace negotiations.


Best Practices for Docuemnting REST APIs

Tom Johnson, Senior Technical Writer, Experian, originally presented 18 February 2016

Are you working on documentation for a REST API? IN this webinar, you'll learn about the essential sections that REST API documentation should contain. Additionally, you'll learn how to make your documentation interactive using Swagger or RAML.


Interviewing SMEs: Preparing, Conducting, and Polishing

Nicky Bleiel, Watson Information Developer, IBM, originally presented 17 February 2016

Interviewing Subject Matter Experts is an essential skill for technical communicators to master, but interviewing skills are rarely taught formally. Join us to discuss techniques, best practices, and methodologies, as well as "the magic question" you can get the information you need from SMEs.


Picture Perfect! How to Turn Words and Data into Powerful Graphics

Mike Parkinson, President, Billion Dollar Graphics, originally presented 3 February 2016

Attendees will learn to turn words, ideas and data into clear, compelling Attendees will also improve their understanding and recollection. You will receive tips and the latest tools to do it. See examples of what works (and what does not).


Agile Documentation: Five Lessons Technical Communicators should learn from Agile Development

George Lewis, Managing Director, Doc-Department, originally presented 20 January 2016

In this webinar George will share lessons doc-department have learned from working in a variety of agile (and quasi-agile) development environments, and how these can be applied to standard documentation projects to deliver better quality content, faster.

The content creation process is very similar to the software development process. By learning from agile processes, technical communications can dispel old myths and produce an agile documentation processes that delivers quality documentation, consistently and is relevant for the an organization.


Introduction to Photoshop

Kathleen Kralowec, Freelance Digital Media Specialist, Locust Moon Press, originally presented 13 January 2016

Photoshop is one of the most widely-used pieces of software in the history of computing, and has applications in marketing, design, production, development and more. With this introductory class, we will demystify Photoshop and make attendees able to open, save, export and edit documents.


The Other Kind of Funnies: Comics in Technical Communication

Han Yu, PhD, Professor of Technical Communication, Kansas State University, originally presented 16 December 2015

“You want us to do what now for that manual?! A comic?! You must be joking!” Well, this presenter isn’t! It may not be an industry standard (yet) or even an idea much heard about, but it is not an outlandish proposal and certainly not one without successful precedents. Not convinced? Come to this webinar to hear about and look at the rhetorical appeals (as well as limitations) of comics-style technical communication. Already on board with comics? Come to this webinar to help develop this exciting idea and spread the word.


UX 101: Making Great Human Experiences

Carol Smith, Design Team Manager, IBM, originally presented 9 December 2015

Want to improve the usability of your system but you’re not sure how to start? This webinar provides the knowledge and tips you need to get started improving the user’s experience (UX) through interviews, card sorting, and usability testing.


Social Media and Its Implications for Content Strategy

Pam Noreault, Senior Manager, Information Development, ACI Worldwide, originally presented 2 December 2015

Where were we before Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? There’s no getting around it. Social media impacts more than our personal lives. It impacts content strategy. This webinar will dig into social media and its impact to content strategy as well as ideas for a pilot project and measuring and reporting your results.


Got Questions? Get Answers! Conducting Interviews with SMEs

Cheyl Landes, Technical Communication Consultant, Tabby Cat Communications, originally presented 1 December 2015

Gathering information is the most critical task in our jobs as technical communicators, and often the information we need is in the subject matter experts’ heads. To extract that information, you need to interview them. In this webinar, learn practical, effective tips for asking questions and getting answers.