Bending Without Breaking: Info Dev Flexibility in Agile

Alyssa Fox


Agile development is a popular methodology used by software companies. When working in an agile environment, technical writers face several challenges in planning, workload balancing, and execution.

Flexibility is key in an agile environment, especially if you’re working on multiple scrum teams. That flexibility improves communication, streamlines planning, and contributes to an overall “whole team approach” to quality.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What a “whole team” approach to agile development is, and how to help your team accomplish this
  • The information developer’s role in release planning and how to adapt your review cycle to fit the plan
  • A better way to create user stories
  • How to plan your capacity for multiple sprints on multiple projects
  • What “potentially shippable” at the end of a sprint means for information developers