Big Content: Content Strategy as a Design Framework

Rahel Bailie


Content strategy promises—or threatens, depending on one's perspective—to upend the framework used for development projects. Content becomes the linchpin around which the rest of the design, technology, and user experience revolve. Good content is the logical nexus of the user experience; it makes sense to start a project with the content. Content strategy in design agencies may differ from product content strategies that include documentation, training, and user assistance. Yet both of these practice areas are business-critical and depend on each other in order for the host organization to thrive.

What content is part of a content strategy? Web content, social documentation, user-generated content, Web apps, social media, mobile, localized content, delivered across multiple delivery channels. In a time where organizations are looking at alternative ways of producing, managing, and publishing content that supports users, unique content strategies being demanded—from documentation being produced in wikis, content being delivered by RSS, social documentation, connection to social media, visual tutorials delivered via YouTube, and so on.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Make informed decisions when developing a strategic content plan
  • Find techniques to leverage content in compelling ways
  • Identify the key deliverables of a content strategy
  • Be a content advocate on a user experience team