Career Success in 12 Easy Steps—Build on Your Successes

Judith Shenouda


Throughout this 12-step series on your career success, you will meet new friends—Darren Dreamer, Mark Mystified, Danny Discovery, Betsy Benevolent, Rose Repertoire, Stacey Success, and others—whose career success can inspire you as you evolve and transition to the next phase of your worklife. Like them, you will create a success story that others can emulate. Based on the presenter’s book, Career Success in 12 Easy Steps: A Journal, each webinar in the series can serve as your friend, your confidant, and your guide. In each interactive workshop, you will take time to think, explore, doodle, draw, dream, and act. In time, you will be on your way to achieving career success, in whatever way you choose to define it. Though not required, participants may find it useful to have the book as a resource. It is available at most online bookstores.

Build on Your Successes (the second webinar in this series) continues the process of living your world-of-work dream by helping you remember and own your past successes, both at work and in other areas of your life. The intent is for you to use your past successes to build your feelings of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. We will explore lessons learned from your past successes to imagine the new successes awaiting you. After all, having a successful worklife is possible—not just for others but for you. By building on earlier successes, your new career dreams can take shape and take hold.

This interactive webinar will help you build on your successes by:

  • Applying journaling techniques, self-assessment tools, and self-discovery activities
  • Examining data, artifacts, and evidence—the proof—of your successes
  • Remembering and owning how you achieved these successes
  • Applying your past successes to define and achieve new successes