Content without Borders

Ray Gallon


Technical communicators often need to break through silos in our organizations. But we also have our own silos, when it comes to content—for example, most of us think what we do has nothing to do with marketing. But even without our necessarily thinking about it, the boundaries between different kinds of content, different "information types," and different content life cycles is becoming completely permeable.

Not only that, communication that seems to come from a given source often comes from another, with a very different intention. What we now call "technical communication" might also be claimed, or repurposed, as marketing, Web content, mission statement, etc. As we move more into the post-PC, tablet-smartphone-mobile first world, these boundaries are going to disappear even more. This webinar, illustrated with real-life examples, provides a sneak peak at what this borderless future means for our profession.

Takeaways from this webinar:

  • Planning for the future—what will the job entail?
  • Skills we will need to develop in the future
  • Profiles for success in the borderless future