Doc Sprints: The Ultimate in Collaborative Doc Development

Sarah Maddox


Many technical writers find themselves in agile environments, where time is at a premium and it can be difficult to pry the developers and other subject matter experts away from their day-to-day deadlines. This session shows how you can walk the agile walk, talk the agile talk, and at the same time have fun developing the tutorials and documents your customers need.

Time-boxing, efficiency, and structure are key to agile development. We use those virtues to plan and run a doc sprint. This is especially valuable in agile environments, and for creating developer-focused tutorials and other documentation. Attendees will learn how to plan and run a doc sprint, useful collaborative tools for a sprint, and extending the agile metaphor—other innovative types of documentation-related sprints.

This webinar will cover:

  • What and why: Introduction to doc sprints, agile environments, and why a doc sprint is a good fit for technical documentation.
  • Planning: Who to invite, when to start, and how to ensure that the sprint will produce the documents you need.
  • During the sprint: How to get the best out of the sprinters.
  • Collaborative tools for use during the sprint.
  • Sprinting across the world: Handling multiple time zones, early sprinters, late sprinters.
  • Retrospective: How to run one and why.
  • Wins and results.
  • Things to watch out for: A look at the feedback from some doc sprint retrospectives.
  • The aftermath: Reviewing and publishing the documents, and writing up the results.
  • Extending the metaphor / knowing when you're onto a good thing: Other innovative types of sprints for documentation teams.