Using Lessons Learned to Improve Effectiveness and Client Relations

Vic Passion


For the last year, you’ve been working on a large project, creating materials to support your company’s new enterprise software package. You’ve piloted the materials, gathered feedback from users, and finalized the content, which is effective and well received. You and the team are proud of your efforts and ready—no, eager—to move on to a fresh new project.

But wait! You know how effective your deliverables are, but you haven’t considered the effectiveness of the project’s people and processes. To do this, you need to gather “lessons learned” from your team and your internal client. Lessons learned, also called After Action Reviews (AARs), sunset reviews, and post-mortems, bring project stakeholders together to discuss what went well—and not so well—during the course of the project. It’s an important step that is often lost to competing interests as the project team, clients, and sponsors rejoice in the successful end of the project.

Presenter Biography

Vic Passion has over 20 years of experience in project management, instructional design, communications, and change management solutions for customers. She brings extensive background from needs analysis to evaluation to all TechProse projects. Clients have included Dolby, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Gap.