Simplify DITA Authoring with Constraints

Patrick Quinlan


With the power and flexibility of the DITA standard comes many, many elements and attributes. Knowing which elements and attributes to use and in what situation can be confusing for new and experienced authors of DITA content. Join Patrick Quinlan from as he provides an overview of constraints, demonstrates a freely available constraint plugin, and shows how to make changes to suit your organization.

In this webinar, you will learn how constraints can simplify the authoring process, where do download a constraint plugin, and how to install and customize the plugin.

Presenter Biography

Patrick Quinlan leads the implementation of DITA and a CMS to enable multichannel publishing of training content at a large software company. He has spoken at conferences on a variety of topics, including DITA-OT customization, training new authors, and business cases and cost savings. Recently, he has focused on simplifying his team’s authoring process by implementing a set of DITA 1.2 constraints and enabling self-service QA tools.