Summit Playback

"If you could not attend the annual conference, Summit Playback is the next best thing. ... The user interface is simple, but effective: I can enjoy these sessions at my own time and leisure. What I like best is hearing the speakers present their topics and answering the audience’s questions, and I can follow along with the same handouts given to the audience."
      —David Dick, Fellow

What is Summit Playback?

Summit Playback (formerly Summit@aClick) is an online collection of the conference’s content, with audio and PowerPoint synched together. The 2015 Summit included over 80 sessions in seven tracks (see the full program here) and Summit Playback includes almost all of them.

Not only does Summit Playback capture the audio and visual presentations of the speakers, but its content can be revisited after the conference to help ensure you stay up to speed until the next Summit!

If you attended the 2015 Summit in Columbus, Ohio:

Summit Playback for 2015 is not yet available. We will let all attendees know when it is ready, but please understand that it may take several weeks to compile all of the recordings and presentations.

Access to Summit Playback will be FREE for all full conference registrants!