Vice President

Vice President (three-year term)

The current vice president’s duties include supporting the strategic objectives of the Society, as well as any other responsibilities assigned by the president. These responsibilities may vary from year to year. The STC Bylaws specify that the vice president automatically progresses to president, and then to immediate past president. Each of these offices has a one-year term, so the person who becomes our next vice president is making a total commitment to three years of service.

Candidates for vice president must be passionate about our industry; have in-depth knowledge of Society-level processes and practices; and be experienced in implementing large business, policy, or educational initiatives outside of STC. They must have extensive leadership experience, preferably in prior positions at the Society level, community level, or in other organizations; should be aware of STC’s accomplishments and problems; and should have good ideas about future actions needed in response to trends in the profession and the needs of our members.

Bernard Aschwanden

Candidate for Vice President

Bernard Aschwanden is an STC Associate Fellow, with broad community involvement on the Board of Directors, and presenting, educating, and leading. He has more than 20 years’ experience in technical communication, building strong business and professional relationships, and bringing together diverse teams. His track record of success, proven leadership, experience, and resourcefulness during his many years of service, along with his clear vision for a stable and vibrant community, mean a strong future for STC.

Paul Mueller

Candidate for Vice President

Paul Mueller is an STC Associate Fellow and has served in many leadership roles, from managing a team of 40 distributed around the world to owning his own consulting company. Paul's STC service includes many Society leadership positions, such as Board Member, Summit Conference Chair, and the Chair of several task forces. Paul would like to use his experience to strengthen the Society, bring the technical communication community together, and deliver services that help STC members provide high-quality technical content.