Late Career/Retired

"Thomas MilliganSTC has been a great career investment for me. I never missed a day’s pay in my career, despite three layoffs—each time I was hired by a new company within the next week thanks to my STC networking. Membership in STC is also part of what helped me become vice president and part owner of a 300-person technical writing company. STC can be a good career investment for any technical communicator and my continued membership is a way to pay back for all that my career has given me." 
—Thomas Milligan, member since 1967 

Now that you've reached the top, you have a chance to shape the future of the profession. You also deserve recognition for your achievements.


Many experienced technical communicators choose to become consultants or independent contractors. STC has a Society-level consulting and independent contracting (CIC) special interest group, as well as conference sessions devoted to the field.

Through STC, you'll know other independents in your area. For those times when you have more work than you can handle, your CIC colleagues can be potential subcontractors. And after you've sent work their way, they may return the favor.

You'll also find articles written by and for CIC members in Intercom. By sharing knowledge, networking, and referrals, STC's CIC members help their businesses grow while building the independent professional community.


Mentoring gives you a chance to share what you've learned with someone new to the field. When you pass along your knowledge, you shape the work of an individual—and help determine the future of the profession. And you have the satisfaction of helping others achieve their career goals.

Gaining Recognition

STC recognizes members who have achieved eminence in the art and science of technical communication by bestowing two honorary titles: Fellow and Associate Fellow. These are long-time members who have attained distinction in the field of technical communication. New Fellows and Associate Fellows are honored during STC's annual conference. The STC office also sends out press releases about new Fellows and Associate Fellows, and their names appear in Intercom and STC's Notebook blog.

Judging Competitions

By volunteering as a judge for STC competitions, you help decide exactly what constitutes excellent technical communication. You also see the best new ideas in the design, organization, and format of technical information.

Guiding the Society

STC helps shape the entire profession—and you help shape STC. Serving on a Society-level committee or taking on the duties of office ensures that your experience benefits technical communication for years to come.

Dan Voss"STC has been an integral part of my professional life for most of my career. It has given me publishing and presentation opportunities, introduced me to new technologies, involved me in the inspiring cause of universal accessibility, and offered me the chance to mentor the technical communicators of tomorrow. Of equal importance, it has brought me an extensive network of valued professional associations and many cherished personal friendships throughout the world." —Dan Voss, member since 1988