In order to facilitate both online and offline networking opportunities, STC designed and developed the MySTC Network. In the MySTC Network, members have the ability to interact with their fellow members, colleagues, and peers through a variety of integrated communications tools.

The MySTC Network can help you build strong relationships with technical communicators down the road or on the other side of the planet. For those starting out their technical communication careers, the MySTC Network is the perfect place to identify a mentor who can help with career planning and act as a sounding board.

For experienced members, the MySTC Network is a convenient place to connect with colleagues to identify career opportunities and maintain important relationships. In addition to a wide array of communications tools, the MySTC Network has integrated event-planning tools to allow members to organize and advertise local and regional events sponsored by Chapters and SIGs. As events are published, members have access to register and/or RSVP for events, save the event date, and get access to directions—all from within the MySTC Network. Whether you are a new member, fresh out of college and looking to build your network, or an experienced member, with 20+ years in the field, the MySTC Network has something to offer you.

“As I looked for a job, I had several interviews where they asked me if I was a member of STC. One even suggested I attend a chapter meeting to further my networking. A year later as an STC member, I hired someone after getting to know her at the chapter and seeing her passion for tech comm.”

— Jennifer Collier, Technical Publications Manager, Horizon Software International, LLC