Intercom Awards

A new award in 2014, the editor of Intercom appointed a judging committee to select the outstanding magazine article and an outstanding guest-edited issue from the previous year.

2014 Honoree for Outstanding Magazine Article


Rick Lippincott for their article, “We Explain Things” in the April 2014 issue of Intercom.

Citation: For a realistic yet positive view of the importance of our profession and how technical communicators facilitate technological change. Expressing both the foundations of our past and a hopeful look forward as we engage with the future, this article reinforces our value to society and our shared experience as technical communicators, regardless of industry or medium.


2014 Honoree for Outstanding Guest-Edited Issue

Tom JohnsonTom Johnson for the September 2014 issue, with a theme of “API Documentation.”

Citation: For guest-editing an issue of Intercom that contributes to the professional development of technical communicators by delivering valuable information that appeals to both the novice and the veteran technical communicator. This comprehensive issue showcases articles that enlighten and educate readers with useful examples and context for application, as well as effective strategies for practitioners to implement.



Nomination process

Please consult the guidelines for the complete nomination process.

Who is eligible: Intercom authors and guest editors

Who may nominate: Intercom Award committee

Due date for nominations: February 2015

Honorees notified: After vote by STC Board of Directors, usually March

Award Presented: At the Honors Banquet at the STC Technical Communication Summit 

The Intercom Awards Guidelines (coming soon)

Previous winners of the Intercom Awards


Liz Pohland