"JOIN US" Member Get A Member Campaign FAQs

What should I do if the person I referred forgot to put me in the referred by field on the application?

We can handle that. Simply ask the person you recruited to send an email to STC membership confirming that you were the “recruiter.” Your name should be included and we will handle the rest.

Where can I find the online new member application?

The new member application is at More information about the benefits of STC membership is available at

If I don’t feel comfortable asking acquaintances to join but I feel they are good candidates for membership, what should I do?

The "referral" option allows you to provide us with contact information for a potential membership candidate. Email STC membership, then we will take the next step by sending the individual(s) membership information and an application. However, you will not receive credit for any new member referred unless the new member says your chapter or SIG recruited them.

When will I know if I won a prize?

You will be notified by STC Membership via phone call and email.

Can the new members use a discount dues code and still be counted for MGAM?

Yes, if the new member has a discount code to use, they can still list you as the one who referred them and participate in MGAM.


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