Communities Recruitment Race Results

 Results will be updated every two weeks.

*Gold members count as two points. Classic, New TC Professional, and Student members count as one point. New 2015 Corporate Value Package (CVP) members may be recruited and are worth one point per individual. For example, if five new members join (as a CVP from one company) your community will receive five points.

Chapter #Referrals
Alberta 1
Atlanta 2
George Mason Univ. 1
Huntsville/North Alabama 1
James Madison Univ. 1
Lone Star 1
North Carolina 1
Orange County 1
Orlando 4
Phoenix 2
Philadelphia Metro 2
Rochester 1
San Francisco 1
Southwestern Ontario 1
Texas Tech Univ 1
Toronto 1
Twin Cities 1
Washington DC-Baltimore 1
Willamette Valley 2
Wisconsin 2