How valuable to your company are you really?

And what do you need improve to increase your marketability, now and in the future?

Attend this session and find out!

Please note, due to the time difference, the webinar is being presented late in the evening Eastern time. However, the Carolina Chapter is recording the webinar and will make the recording available free of charge to our members. If you plan to listen to the recording, you do not need to sign up for the webinar.


About the Speaker

Bonni Graham Gonzalez is well known in the Technical Communication field. Having also run her own business, as well as documentation groups both large and small for various employers, Bonni also feels she has earned a combat MBA and a combat PMP certification. Bonni is Senior Manager, User Experience and Documentation for Scantron Corporation. In addition, she teaches at two University of California campuses, including a class in managing documentation projects.