Content Strategy in a Day with Rahel Bailie

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Content Strategy in a Day with Rahel Bailie
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Rockville, Maryland
From : Saturday, 17 September 2011 09:30
Until : Saturday, 17 September 2011 17:00
(UTC -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
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Content strategy is the current buzz, but how exactly to create an effective one is a different story. Content is only as good as the strategy behind it. The market has brought about profound changes in how we work with content throughout the entire content lifecycle, and how that affects how we do business, and our relationship to both management and customers. Content has a distinct lifecycle, and what happens in the analysis phase informs how the content behaves in the tactical phases.  Any missteps early on means that the next iteration of that content will be harder to implement and maintain – and degrade the user experience.

Content strategy in design agencies may differ from product content strategies that include documentation, training, and user assistance. Yet both of these practice areas are business-critical and depend on each other in order for the host organization to thrive. Web content, social documentation, user-generated content, web apps, social media, mobile, multiple delivery channels: in a time where organizations are looking at alternative ways of producing, managing, and publishing content that supports users, unique content strategies being demanded - from documentation being produced in wikis, content being delivered by RSS, social documentation, connection to social media, visual tutorials delivered via YouTube, and so on.


This workshop, sponsored and subsidized by the STC Washington, DC and Metro Baltimore Chapter and DC Web Women, discusses content within the phases of the content lifecycle, and illustrates the interdependencies within the user experience. Participants will discover a framework for developing content that aligns with user-centered design, from user research through personas and scenarios, to wireframes and content development. Whether you are on the marketing communications side, figuring out to leverage content for better conversion rates, or on the technical communications side, learning about the emergence of structured content and social documentation, or on the management side,  looking at overall brand management, this workshop will yield valuable processes and techniques for better management of your content.

Participants are taken through a number of content strategy activities in the context of a typical content strategy project. Some of the learner outcomes include:

  •     Making informed decisions when developing a strategic content plan
  •     Finding techniques to leverage content in compelling ways
  •     Identifying the key deliverables of a content strategy
  •     Learning how to prepare specific deliverables in context of a content strategy
  •     Becoming the content advocate on a user experience team

Note: Do bring a laptop if possible, to get the most from the workshop. Templates will be provided, and participants will use them to work through real-life challenges. Be prepared for an interactive experience.


Photo of Rahel Bailie

Rahel Anne Bailie is a content strategist with a skill set encompassing content management, business analysis, information architecture, and communications. She operates Intentional Design, helping clients analyze their business requirements and spectrum of content to get the right fit for their content development and management needs, and facilitates transitions to new business processes, content models, and technology implementations.

Her experience gives her an intimate understanding of end-to-end processes, from requirements-gathering to implementation. She is an STC Fellow, and holds memberships in various associations to stay current in pertinent practice areas. She presents on the topic of content strategy at conferences across North America and Europe, and was recently cited as one of the top ten most influential content strategists in the industry.


The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) Conference Center is conveniently located one mile from I-270.  Parking is free and a garage is located immediately next to the workshop building, Building II. Refer to the campus map to locate one of the campus entrance roads, Traville Gateway Drive. Though it is not your only choice, if you enter the campus on that road, you are closest to the workshop. Park in the garage immediately on your left (colored yellow on the map) and walk next door to Building II, which is 9630 Gudelsky Drive. It is a small campus and easy to get around, so don't worry if you need to rely on your GPS to get you to Gudelsky Drive instead of Traville Gateway. If you enter on Gudelsky, you may find it easiest to park in one of the open parking lots. Parking Lot 4 is closest to the workshop. If you need any help finding us that morning, call the event organizer at 301-275-4592.

The classroom is high tech and comfortable, with a power outlet at every seat. Wifi is available throughout the building. Signs will be located throughout the building to help you find our classroom. You can also consult the concierge at the desk for assistance.

If you need to take public transportation, take the red line to Shady Grove. Take the Ride-On bus labeled Route 43 to the Shady Grove-Traville Transfer Station, which is located on campus and a short walk from our building. Consult the Ride-On bus schedule for Route 43 to plan your trip. Alternately, communicate ahead of time with the event organizer for a ride to and from the Metro.


Included in the price are morning coffee, light breakfast, and lunch. Please email any food restrictions you may have to the event organizer.


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