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Gina Goodson Wadley

Our customers are using our Track-It! Mobile application on iPhones and other smartphones as well. I created the online help using Madcap Flare 7's mobile WebHelp feature. I even entered it in the Florida Technical Communications Competition (hosted by our local STC chapter). and am awaiting the results later this month.

We didn’t want to use traditional WebHelp, since it would be difficult to read and navigate. I researched best practices for mobile WebHelp usability, such as minimalist writing for the small screen, font size, and mobile terminology (touch gestures). I used resources including Joe Welinske's book and found some information on the Web. I customized Madcap Flare 7's WebHelp Mobile output feature with our corporate branding (colors, fonts, and logo), and improved it with customized buttons one of our developers created. I recorded a brief video tutorial included in the WebHelp using Camtasia Studio 7 and an iPhone emulator. I produced the video in two formats (Quicktime .mov for iPhones and iPads, and .swf for Android mobile phones). I used my own voice for the narrations with an ordinary Microsoft headset.

The Mobile WebHelp is designed to be used on a mobile phone, but can be viewed in the various browsers, ideally in Chrome and Safari, but also in Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
The Mobile WebHelp was also localized/translated into four languages: French, German, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Context-sensitive help will be implemented in the next release of our software.

Joe is speaking at our STC Suncoast chapter in St. Petersburg, Florida on January 25. I'm looking forward to meeting him.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 17:19
John Derrig
Gina, thanks for pointing out this book and for your review. The book looks tempting. We have recently purchased iPhones for all of our services engineers.
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 17:04