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Rick Sapir
Good points Ben. You're right that it is important for the actual communities to use MySTC. I know that the communities I'm involved with *are* working hard to make use of MySTC.

- We use the MySTC events calendar extensively (although there are a number of outstanding issues that make it difficult to transition completely)

- The TE SIG uses the MySTC chatrooms for our watercooler chats (

- We syndicate content from MySTC to our website (for example:

I'm curious to hear how other communities are using (or plan to use) MySTC.

I'd also like to learn how is using (or will use) the MySTC network. Some ideas that have been submitted in the past:
- Instead of manually listing community events each month (, use the MySTC calendar.
- Put *ALL* STC events on the calendar (instead of having them all over the place: and etc )
- Appoint someone as community manager
- Migrate the individual mailing lists to Group discussions

Thursday, 02 February 2012 09:07