Need a meeting location in Fairfax area in October
Friday, 07 September 2012



STC has a guest, Paul Mueller, coming up from Atlanta on STC Summit planning business who has graciously agreed to speak to our chapter the evening of his meeting, Monday, October 29. I would like to find a convenient meeting location for him and all of our members who live near Fairfax, where STC's headquarters are located. Reston, Dulles, or Chantilly would be fine as well. Do you work at an office where we could meet that evening? A large conference room would work best. I'd like to arrange to have some platters of dinner food brought in as well, if your location would permit it. Further, I'd like to borrow a speakerphone from you so that people who cannot make the trip can listen in and wifi would be helpful. Have I lost you with my demands? Here is Paul's presentation description, if that helps to sweeten the pot:


Integrating Help, Technical Support, and Training Content Paul Mueller, UserAid

This session identifies a way to integrate online Help, technical support knowledge base, and online training video content.
During this session, we will review the web site and talk about the process of creating this information center.

We will also explore several technologies, such as Google Analytics, Google Custom Search, and WordPress.

This session provides various lessons learned during this project and describes ways to bring these related content areas together.

During this session, you will learn:

      * How WordPress and Google Custom Search helped users find the content they need.

      * How Google Analytics helps the content team identify how often each topic is viewed.

      * How to use WordPress to publish and maintain Technical Support Knowledge Base content.

      * How to create one place to go for your users to find the answers they need.

Please let me know if you can help.