Dec 21 Meeting: Connecting the Dots (and Cookie Swap)
Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lots has changed in the last five years — increased globalization, the move to mobile and more. How have these major shifts and trends affected the work that we do? Or have they?

This presentation will look at major trends over the last five years that have affected users' expectations for the content we create and deliver. We will use that information as a baseline for the second part of the presentation--an interactive discussion about how we as technical communicators are responding to these changes. Bring your current job description to share to see if it aligns with the major trends and discuss how our jobs as technical communicators have changed over the last two to five years. If it the job hasn't we will talk about why and what that means for us as a profession.

Holiday cookie swap! Please bring some of your favorite cookies and share them at the meeting, to celebrate the holidays. Allergy-friendly recipes are especially appreciated.

About the Speaker:

Joan Lasselle is President and founder of Lasselle-Ramsay, Inc. For over 25 years Lasselle-Ramsay has provided custom learning and content services to over 800 clients. Joan is a pioneer in self-paced and computer-based training materials as well as usability testing. She has over 25 years experience developing new product content and training for high tech, healthcare, finance and insurance industries. She is a senior member of STC, a past board member of CMPros, and a regular contributor at industry conferences. Joan holds an M.Ed. from the University of Oregon.