June 20 Mtg: Content Considerations for Single-sourcing to PDF and Mobile Devices with Maxwell Hoffmann
Sunday, 10 June 2012

Content Considerations for Single-sourcing to PDF and Mobile Devices

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nearly all of us are finding increasing pressure to migrate more existing technical content over to mobile devices, from iPads to iPhones. The mechanics of single-source publishing can actually be fairly simple (as with products like Adobe Tech Comm Suite.)

But there are other issues to consider:

Decreased attention span from a customer in motion or on his feet during 3-5 minute reading session

How many “thumb swipes” is your customer willing to perform to get through a bulleted list?

How should complex tables be dealt with?

How many indents are “too many” in nested lists?

Appropriate word count and sentence length

We’ve spent most of our professional lives composing content on a fairly large screen, that usually resembled a portrait or landscape sheet of paper. Now we have to envision content appropriate for 3x5 cards. A new lens to envision content is required. See a demonstration of a few best practices as well as things to avoid during this transition. A number of companion tools to your authoring solution will also be recommended.

About the Speaker:

Maxwell Hoffmann is Adobe’s Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite. A former product manager for FrameMaker at Frame Technology (prior to product acquisition by Adobe), Hoffmann also spent nearly 15 years doing multi-lingual production in the language translation industry. Hoffmann has also provided face-to-face, hands-on training to over 1,200 people in scalable authoring solutions. He has managed projects in DITA, XML as well as authoring tools ranging from Word, InDesign, Quark Express to structured FrameMaker. Hoffmann is based in a virtual Adobe office near Portland, Oregon. Maxwell can be followed on Twitter as @maxwellhoffmann and @AdobeTCS.