review of AAT ICAS standards
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ANNC: review of AAT ICAS standards

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Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT at is preparing for a revision of AAT ICAS (Integrated Chronological Applications System). specifying data formats for calendar dates and clock times, ICAS standards and resources can inform and benefit a comprehensive variety of different users and audiences.



in the context of _24 CGPM Convocation Draft Resolution A_, some initial (draft status) AAT review notes encompass revisions to SI (International System of Units, and ICAS ( some preliminary AAT ICAS revision objectives include the following:

to prepare for specifications of SI units in terms of 'explicit-constant format'. 

to specify a concept of 'scaleset' format for fixed and or coordinated measures of time.

to review ICAS to reflect style of _AAT ICAS Metrication Month poster 2010_, the _24 CGPM Convocation Draft Resolution A_. in addition to other standards developments. 

timeframe schedules for developments of ICAS may very well involve more than a year or more than a decade. 



metrication month projects (topics of metrication, communication, user experience, or similar) can consist of one or more of a poster, app, or other resource.

AAT ICAS hopes to have a new revision of the standards completed by Metrication Month 2012 (MMd2).

there may also be interest in developing an Almanac and Style Guide to be published or e published. 



to volunteer for an ICAS review team, contact Ron Stone at ( e mail to ).

AAT strives to coordinate ICAS with, rather than duplicate, the efforts of other standards developing organizations. to register an ICAS administrative license, contact ( e mail to ).

more information about AAT and ICAS is available at ( web site ). any questions about this announcement can also be directed to Ron Stone via e mail at either of the above addresses. 


best regards,

Ron Stone, AAT programs manager

AAT at 



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