Communication channels for the SIG
Discussion started by Mollye M. Barrett , on 06 October 12:18 PM

Before My STC went live, the SS SIG used a listserv to communicate. We had robust discussions and the listserv was the "go to" place for Single Sourcing questions, answers, comments, annoucements and overall sharing.

Since the release of My STC, discussion has decreased a bit and our once solid communication channel now seems fragmented. Must everyone move to My STC? How can we unify our communications in a way that makes sense? While the listserv had drawbacks, it was highly functional and, as mentioned, we were comfortable there.

For the SS SIG, there is a:
- Defunct website that needs to go away or be revived
- My STC discussion group
- My STC page
- The existing listserv

As members, what do you use now and what do you want to use going forward? Let's find a way to get back to the high level of lively discussion and rock on!

Please share your thoughts.

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Rick Sapir
Bill's right. You can get individual messages. Unfortunately, there's no way to get a weekly "batched" notification. This was something we requested during the beta but was outside the scope of the selected software platform.
Thursday, 20 October 2011 07:43
Bill Swallow
Check your profile settings...
Profile > Privacy
Set all emails and notifications to On.
That should at least let you know when someone posts something. I think. Maybe. I guess.
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 18:14
Mollye M. Barrett
Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your reply with these observations. Sounds almost exactly like something I said at leadership day in May.

I have requested info from Chip Boyd and hope he can help!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 15:16
Mellissa Ruryk
Isn't there a way to 'subscribe" to MySTC updates so they end up in your email inbox? I follow a ton of discussions in my LinkedIn Groups because they arrive in my inbox - only rarely (maybe monthly?) signing into my LI account. I haven't logged into MySTC for's just not on my radar. I'd love to see a digest of what's going on here!
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 02:22
Bill Swallow
I'm on the listserv and on MySTC, but to be honest I miss a lot that goes on over at MySTC unless I log in. Notifications seem to be spotty, and I think it's related to the issue of incorrect reply counts in discussion threads. There's a LOT more going on in MySTC than is being reported by the system/notifications, so I'm finding.

I personally will stay on both. I haven't been posting a whole lot due to work craziness, and to be honest other social media channels are more in my face, but I'll try to pop in with a howdy and an opinion more frequently.
Thursday, 06 October 2011 12:53