Translation in Technical Writing
Discussion started by JS , on 07 April 12:39 AM

I'm wondering how many companies compile data on different languages used within cities, counties and./or states? I would say this is an interesting part of Technical Writing. The art of translating clear English into different languages is challenging, yet provides better outcomes and better user-friendly documentation that serves the needs of a more culturally diverse population.


As an example, let's say California has a population that speaks primarily English and Spanish. The Technical documentation should have versions written in English and Spanish. Or, I think having the English version present itself on a webpage and then have a simple feature that says: "Espanol version". By merely clicking on this feature, the webpage could immediately translate the writing into Spanish OR the Spanish version could appear in a new tab. This is being used already by some companies, and I think it provides distinct value to the communities they serve.


To illustrate this point further, let's say the 3rd most widely used language in California is Russian. Then again, a Russian version of technical documentation should be available, increasingly more on electronic format rather than print versions. The primary goal here is to better serve diverse populations that speak different languages.


Jacob 4/6/2013

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